Latest news and updates

February 2020

Some of our love toppers are currently unavailable due to a re-design.

November 2019

We have removed the slideshow banners on the front page to make our website more mobile friendly.

October 2019

We are looking into alternative packaging for our products however as we need our bags to be re-sealable we have not found anything suitable. The current alternatives are so expensive which would mean that we would have to increase our prices dramatically to cover this cost which is just not feasible. So for the time being we ask that you recycle our plastic bags and paper that are included in our packaging until we find a better option.

September 2019

We have made the decision to discontinue are flavoured decorations. We sell more printed than flavoured decorations due to our large range of colours and patterns. Keeping stock of flavoured wafer paper is no longer practical due to the shorter shelf life. Once all the current stock of flavoured wafer paper has gone the colours that were available in flavoured will simply be moved to the printed options but still keeping all the designs.

November 2019 - Flavoured decorations have now been discontinued.

March 2018

Social logins has now been enabled on our website. There is a large selection of social networks available to use as logins. If you would like a network that is not listed on the our website login page, just drop us an email and we will enable it.

September 2018

We have now added the payment option to our website.

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