About Us

We all like to treat ourselves to a tasty cupcake or piece of cake from time to time even more so when it’s a special occasion. Baking has been in our family for many years, passing down recipes that my great grandma once baked. It is now my youngest daughter’s turn, not only does she make some really tasty cakes and biscuits but she likes to decorate them and make them look exciting which is what led us to creating our own edible decorations.

As my daughter continues with her love for baking she often thinks up what she would like to decorate her next experiment with. Our website is the result of her decorative ideas and we will continue to add them here. We are proud to say that none of our products contain palm oil and we do not and will not print any copyrighted images. All of our decorations are free from gluten, lactose, eggs and dairy. Read Our FAQ for a full list of ingredients.

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