Wafer Bow Instructions

Your wafer bow kit comes complete with 5 parts and 1 scrap piece of wafer paper. All you will need to construct your bow is edible glue or water and a small paintbrush.

Included in your bow kit is a scrap piece of wafer to practice gluing with either edible glue or water.


All you need to do is gently dampen the wafer paper on one side only for it too stick together.

  1. Fold part 1 around a pen or pencil so that the ends meet. Then using a very small amount of edible glue stick the two ends together. If you do not have edible glue you can use water and a small paint brush. Gently dampen one of the ends then hold both ends together for a couple of seconds before removing from the pen. Do the same with the second part 1 piece so that you have two curved bow parts.

  2. Now carefully stick both part 1 pieces together by gluing the ends of one piece on top of the ends of the other piece giving you a figure eight shape. Next wrap part 2 around the center of the figure eight covering up where ends of the part 1s have been joined. Make sure to carefully stick down both ends of part 2 at the back of the bow.

  3. Finally stick each part 3 to the back of the bow. These can be positioned anywhere you like, either straight out from each side or downwards. Your bow is now ready to be used.

Wafer Bow Pieces

Our bow kits are sold with all the wafer pieces that you need to complete your bow. These kits do NOT include edible glue, water or a paintbrush. We do NOT offer any refunds or replacements for pieces that have been damaged during the construction of the bow. We do include a small scrap piece of wafer paper to allow you to practice with. These scrap pieces are taken from a random selection of surplus wafer paper that may be passed its best before date.

When purchasing one of our bow kits you are agreeing to these terms. (T&C)